Overview Of Defipronto Ecosystem
Defipronto Overview
Defipronto also aims to be a nurturing force in the Cardano ecosystem, with Bug Bounties and community Rewards Program to increase awareness and adoption.
We provide $DFP holders early access and guaranteed allocation to seed rounds, presales, and private sales of Projects looking to launch on Cardano.
Developers building on the Cardano Network can utilize Defipronto to ideate, market and launch their ideas while having early support from a community of backers.
How Does Defipronto Work?
Defipronto will work in a simple and easy to understand process.
It’s a known fact that Launch Pads and accelerators have be a great avenue for legitimate projects to gain early support, and for early adopters to acquire the project tokens early.
DefiPronto is a decentralized fundraising platform built for the Cardano Network.
Defipronto Features
Defipronto is a decentralized accelerator and launchpad, connecting early stage Cardano innovators and projects teams with our community of DFP Holders.
$DFP token holders who are staking their tokens qualify for our tiered IDO system are guaranteed allocations to early sales of projects launching through Defipronto Launchpad.
To Protect Our Investors from Fraudulent Projects Or Developers who abandon projects, Each project that launches through our platform will allocate a certain amount of any raised funds to our insurance treasury, this will provide participants a sense of against potential project failure.
By establishing individual caps, and a fair distribution system, Defipronto protects our community backers from the risk of presale dumps. Our goal is to provide projects with a sustainable growth path, and prevent retail investors from being burned by whales selling for early profit as soon as projects hit an exchange.
Projects That have passed through the voting phase will get access to some services which include, but are not limited to Token Security Audits, Graphical and Web3 Developement, Branding support.
*Please note that Defipronto Insurance treasury is established to protect early adopters of projects that fail as a result of team negligence.
*Market influence and other extraneous forces are not subject to insurance protection.
Staking DFP tokens, as described in the tiers below, is how our community can guarantee allocation in upcoming project sales:
A portion of our initial raise will establish the beginnings of our Insured Treasury built to protect our community from the risk of investing in a project that fails*.
All projects who launch through our platform will be required to contribute to the growth of the insurance treasury.
Continuous staking of $DFP after the completion of an IDO ensures users will qualify for insurance protection related to that project.
Project that wish to launch through Defipronto will go through Defipronto’s High Scrutiny & vetting process to be considered for our accelerator program.
Applications for founders to apply to our IDO launchpad will open over the coming weeks.
$DFP Tokenomics
Total Supply: 100,000,000 $DFP Tokens
Team: 23%
Community Rewards / Airdrop: 3%
Marketing: 6%
Strategic Round: 25%
Pre-Sale: 15%
Public Sale / Liquidity: 8%
Staking Rewards: 21%
Initial Distribution Model
Team Tokens: 19,000,000 DFP Tokens
Vesting: 6 Months Cliff, 5% Monthly Vesting
Strategic Round: 25,000,000 DFP Tokens
Price: 0.014 ADA Per Token
Capped At Min: 5000, Max: 100,000 ADA Per Strategic Partner
Vesting: 4 Months Cliff, 15% Monthly Vesting Afterwards
Pre-Sale Round: 15,000,000 DFP Tokens
Price: 0.03 ADA Per Token
Capped At 500 ADA Per Person
Vesting: 20% at TGE, 10% Vesting Every 2 epochs until fully vested
IEO / Exchange Listing Listing Price: 0.0375 ADA
Initial Marketcap & Fully Diluted Marketcap will be calculated after the sale rounds.

De-Fi Pronto Tiered System

5000 DFP
45000 DFP
100000 DFP
Strategic Partners
Guaranteed: No
Guaranteed: Yes
Guaranteed: Yes
Pool Weight: 0.5x
Pool Weight: 3x
Pool Weight: 5x
Unique Pool

DeFi Pronto Roadmap

Q2 2022
DeFi Pronto Initial Announcement
Defipronto Launchpad UI/UX Wireframing
Strategic Partnerships & Integrations
Website Release
Onepager Release
Community Building
Q3 2022
DFP Token Pre Sale
Initial Projects Selection
Exchange Listing
CMC/Coin Gecko Listing
Defipronto Accelerator Program
Tokenomics & Information About Selected Projects To be Launched
Initial Defipronto IDO Registration
Q4 2022
Project Team Token Lock As A Service
Project Team Token Staking As A Service
NFT Launchpad
Defipronto NFT Launchpad
Q1 2023
Further Partnerships
Defipronto Launchpad As A Service
Q2 2023
To Be Announced