Defipronto, An IDO Launchpad & Accelerator For Cardano Tokens & NFTs Powered By $DFP
Defipronto is a decentralized launchpad, accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early stage Cardano innovators and projects with crypto enthusiasts who wish to get in on a project early.
We believe there are four main obstacles launchpads on Cardano needs to overcome before there will be a widespread and mainstream adoption.
The Obstacles Are:
1: Seamless funding experience for everyone
2: Secure and safe IDO environment that will shady projects and market manipulation.
3: Clear feedback on development updates and tokenomics
4: Longevity of projects launching on IDO platforms
We are developing Defipronto to solve these problem and provide the Cardano community with a safe, secure and easy to use platform to invest, raise funds, stake, farm new project tokens and NFTs.
Last modified 1yr ago